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Workshops & Conferences

Would you like to organize an event to promote reflection on cognitive biases in your community? RACCOURCIS offers tailor-made workshops and conferences to meet your needs. We work in public and private sectors.



Write us

To briefly introducing yourself and giving a short description of the event you have in mind:

  • Is it an introductory training on cognitive biases or a tailor-made training for a specific context?

  • How many participants will be there?

  • How many hours do you plan for the conference or training?

  • What is the target time and date?


Receive a quote

Depending on your needs and your request, SHORTCUTS will offer you a suitable formula and price.


Other ideas?

SHORTCUTS being in continuous development, you can also write to us if you have other ideas for collaborations. We are open to new challenges and always ready to discuss cognitive biases in an innovative way. 

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