Interpersonal level

Actor-observer bias

“Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour… Except me!”

Blind spot bias

“Other people are more biased than I. "

Fundamental attribution error

“I explain the actions of a person through their personal characteristics while underestimating the influence of the situation.”

Halo effect

“I use a first impression to draw a ‘bigger picture’ conclusion.”

Illusion of transparency

“I believe my thoughts and feelings are more accessible to others than they actually are.”

Just-world hypothesis

“You reap what you sow.”

Outgroup homogeneity bias

“I tend to underestimate the differences among members of a group when I am not part of it.”

Self-fulfilling prophecy

“What I predict comes true.”

Sexual overperception bias

“I take other people's actions as a sign that they are attracted to me when they are not.”

Social desirability bias

"To look good to these people, I'm going to say what they want to hear instead of what I really think."


“I am more likely to repeat actions when I succeed, I am more likely to change actions when I fail.”

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