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Need for security

Automation bias

"When making a decision, I have too much confidence in machines, and tend to neglect my own judgement."

Fundamental attribution error

“I explain the actions of a person through their personal characteristics while underestimating the influence of the situation.”

Hindsight bias

“I knew it was going to happen all along. "

Illusion of control

"It is not luck, I did it."

Illusion of transparency

“I believe my thoughts and feelings are more accessible to others than they actually are.”

Illusory correlation

“I am convinced there is a link between two events I have witnessed, but they are not related.”

Just-world hypothesis

“You reap what you sow.”

Near bias effect

"We care less about future experiences than we do about near ones. "

Negativity bias

"When I have to assess a situation, negative events weigh more in the balance than positive events."

Optimism bias

"It won't happen to me; it only happens to others."

Outgroup homogeneity bias

“I tend to underestimate the differences among members of a group when I am not part of it.”


“I am more likely to repeat actions when I succeed, I am more likely to change actions when I fail.”

Zero-sum bias

“I feel in competition with certain people and I think that any gain for them inevitably entails a loss for me.”

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