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Representativeness heuristic

Actor-observer bias

“Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour… Except me!”

Barnum effect

“I see myself described accurately in vague and generic descriptions of personality."

Base rate neglect fallacy

“I misjudge the probability of an event by ignoring important background information.”

Conjunction fallacy

“I judge it to be more probable that two events will occur together than that one of them will occur alone.”

Essentialism bias

"I believe that social groups have a distinct and unchanging essence."

Fundamental attribution error

“I explain the actions of a person through their personal characteristics while underestimating the influence of the situation.”

Halo effect

“I use a first impression to draw a ‘bigger picture’ conclusion.”

In-group bias

"My group is better than yours."

Outgroup homogeneity bias

“I tend to underestimate the differences among members of a group when I am not part of it.”

Plant awareness disparity

"I don’t notice plants in my environment, and I don’t recognize their importance. I think they are inferior to animals."

Pygmalion effect / Golem effect

“The expectations I have of someone can influence their performance.”

Stereotypes and prejudices

“Women are gentle and motherly, so it's normal for them to stay home to take care of the children.”

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