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Need for self-esteem

Actor-observer bias

“Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour… Except me!”

Barnum effect

“I see myself described accurately in vague and generic descriptions of personality."

Blind spot bias

“Other people are more biased than I. "

Dunning-Kruger effect

"The less I am qualified, the more I overestimate my competence. The more I am qualified, the more I underestimate my competence."

Effort justification bias

“I evaluate an outcome relative to the amount of effort it took to achieve it.”

Escalation of commitment bias

“I keep going in the wrong direction despite increasingly negative results.”

Hindsight bias

“I knew it was going to happen all along. "

Illusion of control

"It is not luck, I did it."

Illusion of knowledge

"I am under the impression that I know and understand more than what I really know and understand."

In-group bias

"My group is better than yours."

Moral self-licensing

"After doing a good deed, I can afford a socially undesirable deed."

Outgroup homogeneity bias

“I tend to underestimate the differences among members of a group when I am not part of it.”

Self-handicapping bias

“If I create an obstacle for myself before performing a difficult task, I will win regardless of whether I fail or succeed.”

Self-serving bias

"If I succeed, it is my doing, but if I fail, it is not my fault."

Sexual overperception bias

“I take other people's actions as a sign that they are attracted to me when they are not.”

Social desirability bias

"To look good to these people, I'm going to say what they want to hear instead of what I really think."

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